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Друзья навсегда!Стыд и позор на передачах «Первом канале» и «Россия 1» российских каналов об общественно-политической обстановке в мире, а точнее, на Украине и Америке, так как на другие темы там не говорят. На всех этих ток-шоу агрессивно настроенные ведущие Шейнин, Толстой, Попов со своей женой Скабеевой, Соловьёв показывают плохо сдерживаемое бешенство, хамство и бескультурье. От […]

Бывший старший тренер женской сборной по биатлону России Вольфганг Пихлер раскритиковал работу спортивного комментатора Дмитрия Губерниева. Его слова приводит «Матч ТВ». Вот кто говорит, что у немцев плохо с юмором, что они такие сухие педанты? А вот и нет. И с юмором полный порядок, и все они прекрасно видят и понимают в происходящем вокруг, и в нашем […]

This is the way a new universe is supposed to work, or at least, how the universe has to work, if it is supposed to. If all the things in the universe (like every single cell, tree, galaxy, star, planet, etc.) can only be understood if you accept that they were created in some very […]

Adding noise to an image is easy and you really can enhance the image. But, to make noise-inducing images that look like nature, sometimes you’ll want to add some grain. Here are a few ways to add grain to an image that have no effect on your image. If shadows are just not to your […]

If you read an article about how to live without an income every day for the rest of your life, you might be thinking, “Well … that isn’t going to happen.” But you’re wrong, because there is the possibility that we can achieve that on a daily basis. It’s not easy, but there are some […]

An influencer is someone who has a large following within the product or service, and can influence customers or potential customers to take a particular action. I’ve written before about how the «social media manager» is key to building a successful product, and why influencers are key to building strong brand authority as well. How […]

I have been working and playing hockey for six years now and I’m trying to qualify for some international tournaments in the future to represent Canada. The officer is a tall man with a well defined jaw and full beard. His white T-shirt, long sleeves and baseball cap are all reflective of his service. He […]

To explore the surface of Mars as a whole, scientists have focused almost exclusively on a portion of its surface, called the ‘Celestial latitudes’. It has a latitude of about 55 degrees north, and a longitude of about 2 degrees south. The surface is cold at this latitude, and at a very specific location, in […]

Music by Max Sergeev from Fugue Artists, art lovers and art lovers alike are inspired by the new Mondo event, a celebration of visual art, storytelling and music. It gives an opportunity for art lovers across the country to learn more about the culture they love, and to enjoy the artists playing, the artists promoting […]

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